Not all buyers look for the same level of supplier's involvement when purchasing a piece of used equipment. Some prefer having more control of the process and elect to undertake the removal and logistics matter themselves. For dealers and experienced buyers with capability of doing such tasks, this may prove to be an effective way of reducing costs. On the other hand, many customers prefer the complete service right from the selection and consultation, inspection, reconditioning/refurbishment when necessary, to the logistic assistance and final installation on their floor.

In meeting the unique demands from different market segments, Howard Graphic Equipment is poised to meet the customers' requiremenets with a focus on offering its customers good used equipment at the best possible prices.

Whether it be a turn-key arrangement or an as is deal, backed by HGE's over half of a century of reputable dealings in pre-owned printing machinery, we will be pleased to provide our professional services as required:

Howard Graphic Equipment at your service.